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I agree.
This is what we are forced to do with the current voting system.
Change that to a fairer system then we can vote for who we like.
I have spoken to Green Party members and they take the view that a Labour defeat  and a consequential collapse of the party this election will enable them to stand a chance in 2020. 
After this general election we will either have a Labour Government or a Tory Government. Any vote "tactically" to try to achieve a different outcome is likely to result in an outcome you didn't want.
Wouldn't it be better if we all voted honestly - that is, for what we want rather than to keep someone else out. We should also pay more attention to the quality of the candidates rather than only to the party they belong to.
Vote for what you want, not 'tactical voting'. Don't let the media polls gain votes for the Tories!

When Labour fight for some socialist policies maybe their fortune at the elections will be less of a lottery. So far, all I hear is Labour re-iterating Tory 'austerity' policies. When are Labour going to defend public service workers and force multi-national corporations to pay their fair share of taxes? If you trade in Britain, pay your tax in Britain!


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The new Government will either be slightly left or strongly right-wing. The difference this will make to the poorer people in our country will be vast. Your vote will help to create one or the other not another.
I am sorry but I don't think I can read through too much here. By tactical voting you mean it isn't synchronized and is a strategy by those who do not accept more of the same... "lets move on" voting? I see the term tactical to infer a bias, resident in the positioned authors. Forgive me but I find my own rant is better to simply release into the throng than to deliberate over. There is so much not right and maybe tactical voting hits the nerve for me. I am everything but cynical (and I nod here to that magnificent observation by Mr Heseltine on the electorate's response to their rampant responsibilities in one approaching election). I believe I will see change! For most of us, tactical voting is really just successful engagement by any other name. It is a mark of confidence in the future and a mark in honour of all who made it happen.  Banks and money creation, NHS, Education, Public conduct, transparency and accountability, privatization and regional security... all have failed our nation deplorably over those years of trust and confidence. This "leave it to us" approach in a world with such a history of democracy has also failed a world that now needs rational and compassionate leadership. With our place in history and our lessons, we can claim it all back and work to show the world how it must be done.
I dearly welcome compass because it has space for people like me... space where the labour/ Tory party can do no more than acknowledge. You know what? There is so much more enfranchisement for any person in our society to vote (tactically or otherwise) than in the minute by minute, day by day participation with the professional thugs we have around us in public services. In walking in and casting my vote in our glorious and exquisitely secret ballot, for just that once, I don't then find myself personally subjected to the most ugly, bullying and dysfunctional behaviours' that our government at local and national levels default to.
We as a society, may have been very clever at concealing system failings but we are and we (my society) have been for a very long time the ultimate definition of a banana republic. No-one can tell me different! I've lived in it and suffered in it. By Banana Republic I mean all the innocent things, hypocrisy... "turning a blind eye", let' move on politics... and move on policy without the learning bit. How can we as people of the street and field trust if we are asked just move on... observe reward of those that fail us as we must move on. The move on definition: learn nothing from evident performance... learn nothing from the lessons. Some of us expect more than that. We are doing other things and need to trust those in government at all levels are actually fit for purpose. We really must remember everything... that is part of our public duty to be diligent. 
That doesn't mean I don't think things will not change. But all we have left is tactical voting. Tactical voting just means thinking, observing and being reactionary... not supporting a failed philosophy. At least some of us are not whipped to within an inch of our lives as we bow to organisational positioning. We can vote in the direction we feel and think is correct for us and society must be. This tactical vote is not without force... critical mass for a start... the truth that is public interest... what is and is not progressive... how does past performance look? There is a need for change. Given evidence, no one party has the credibility to do that... to act in the public interest. I am self employed... I need the NHS to do its job to ensure my society cares for the infirm and vulnerable as needs will always arise... I also see other ways of doing things. Were a long way from dead.
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